Some words from an alien

This Alien has been here for over fifty years. He came here without
invitation. Without a passport and never received a green card, because
he is a very special being and to this date,  not a single person in the
United states or elsewhere knows were he came from and what his
true purpose for being here really is.  Arturo Smith truly is a very special being. Protected both by the United states Government and  the Starlight society, an independent global organization which has it’s hands full of keeping Smith away from government influences. Arturo Smith refers to all Americans as
” You people”.Never worrying about political
correctness. And today he does not have too many kind words, for those who have made use of his wisdom, talents and information and rewarded him with nothing. You people have had it too good for too long he stated in a recent meeting of the Starlight Society. Your leaders are
worse then you are. You people have voted for your leadership
again and again and look what it got you. Greed, corruption and
selfishness , not to mention wars  and their horrifying results. You people
don’t even know what you have allowed to happen for the past
12 years. Not even now while terror reigns do you people understand
what is coming. Arturo Smith minces no words. You people are in for
a rude awakening: Fascism and a major world crisis which arises from
the assimilation of cultures. With that message he ended this brief
adress to the members of the Starlight Society. Which was held in
an underground former nuclear missile silo in South Dakota.

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