It is wonderful going into a new year to hear from old friends.
This recent response to B.R. news was especially important
to me as I did no know that my old friend and associate
Mike Graves was no longer with us. So Hello Chris.Thank
you and I hope you don’t mind by featuring such a nice
recall of your experience during the making of
‘Gift from a Red Planet ( aka Alpha Incident) Thank you.
Hi Bill, Chris Sautner here. I was 18 years old when called upon by my Uncle Mike Graves to come and assist on your film “The Alpha Incident”. Have to say, it was an experience of a lifetime for me — have to thank you and Barb and your fantastic family and cast of characters for all of that. As you probably know Mike passed a few years ago. He was quite the character himself as you will recall. Hope and pray all is well with you and family. Looked for your old studio/home near Gleason a couple of years ago but couldn’t find it. Your son was a pleasure to work with. Also remember Ute and you had a little girl at the time. Wow, I got to meet Ralph Meeker, John F. Gott, George Buck Flowers, Carol Irene Newell but mostly I got to meet the star of the whole show you Mr. Rebane — it was a great time to be 18 and a great time to be sharing in your movie venture — thanks again. Chris Sautner

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  1. Great memories of a fun time… Thanks for the memory!!! Let’s do it again….

  2. Thanks for the memory!!! Great memories of a fun time…

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