That’s nerve Hopkins

Proven self admitting copyright infringer and video pirate Phil Hopkins
of Synergy Entertainment Inc. Has the nerve to complain about defamation
and accusing this writer of making false statements . When that snake
of a human being admitted in writing that he obtained films owned
by the undersigned illegally and marketed them for over 8 years
making a healthy profit.I don’t know what this moron is thinking?
Certainly he is not thinking of the consequences and Jail.
The reasons for this follow up is the fact that the undersigned is collecting
more and more evidence of the films showing up in a variety of venues
that spell more damages incurred by the undersigned. That makes it for
more then 8 years of profiting from someone else’s labors.
This boils down to the ultimate in  hutzbah and criminal behavior …..

in goes on;  Yet another title owned by another producer,shows up as being

pirated by  Mr Hopkins  and his pal  who runs  Film Chest Media Group .


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