The BIll Rebane Gossip Column September 22/11

Much to do over stupid stuff. Monster a go go. Getting a lot of phone calls and
questions on the rights issues on this title. 47 years later who in the hell cares
about this garbage anyway? However I guess the dust comes from the fact
that a lot a of people are making a lot of money on this title. It sure
as hell is not me. Getting technical; I did not direct nor edit Monster a go go.
I produced, directed picture titled ; “Terror at Half day”. 95 Percent of it
was completed , in the can, when Herschell Gordon Lewis took over post
production and as a distributor, because he needed a co feature for
another picture for double feature drive in fare.
No my friends I do not remember the deal made and neither does Herschell Lewis.
Yes ,he did a “real number” on the footage and came up with the title .
Lately an old friend, by the name of Bill Johnson has been talking to me
on the phone, remembering lots about “Terror at Half day” because he was the
assistant cameraman on the latter part of the shoot. Where is all the good
footage he keeps asking. Same question I am asking.
Lewis, massacred  the footage given to him. And the story . Creating the abomination that it is.
He could have done me a favor, by leaving my name off as ” Director”.
The rest of the inside stories about the making of this , not mine, but Lewis
abomination , are already out there on the ether net. No use of repeating old
But there are new news. Lori Perry. Yes daughter of George Perry ( who was in
the picture and my production partner) called the other day reminding me
that she never signed a acting contract nor a photographic release for the
original picture. She is livid. Because her image is being exploited on the
Monster a go go poster. And has been from the beginning by Herschell Gordon
Lewis. This holds true especially for the “Something Weird Video: release of
the picture .
This brings up an interesting legal question. Under the law, everyone’s personal
image ( photo) is the individuals personal property. And, can not be used
or exploited without express permission of that individual. In writing.
For 47 years , her image has been exploited , without permission . Any
legal answers to this? Something to ponder about …
I would not care about any of it , would it not be for the continuous noise
being made about the distribution rights to the picture . Enough of this crap.

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