The Giant Spider Invasion…

Only some seven weeks  left before the advertised showing of of the Giant
Spider Invasion by Rifftrax and Fathom Events in some 600 plus theaters throughout America is to take place.,Neither Rifftrax or Fathom Events have made any attempts to obtain a legal exhibition license from the copyright holder `of the movie. Question should also be asked; What the over half million dollars was for? Raised on Kickstarter from some 8500 contributors, by Rifftrax. It does not take that kind of money to move “Riffers”  around to respective theaters for riffing purposes.Time is running out for Rifftrax to get smart and obtain a legitimate licene to show the movie as promised and
advertised. In the meantime none of the theaters who have booked
this event for August 15th seem to have a clue of the behind the scenes legal issues , which have not been resolved  between Rifftrax and copyright holder of the movie.

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