The issue of war

It is only an issue of time. When and how? Not a good scenario at all.
What is worse is war without a commander in chief. Or,a  bad commander
in chief. And that’s about were it’s going with the windbag we have at the
helm right now. Can Romney make a difference or change the course of events
with Iran? Hardly . The only thing he can provide is strong leadership
as commander in chief and hopefully not dilly dally around any more.
I always believed that fighting wars is for military strategists and
generals. Not for politicians or idiots and   inexperienced windbags who
embrace the enemies ideology. What ever the elections bring we can count
on a mess. Israel will not relent and should not.
One must wonder what the end of the world prediction really meant?
Not being a dooms day sayer, I thought of it more as a change to civilization
as we know it. That indeed could come if Iran is allowed to continue with
it’s nuclear ambitions and threats. It’s coming America .Like it or not…
A candid opinion
Bill Rebane Journal

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