The law is the law,is the law ,… NO more

That’s the way it used to be in the good old USA .Nine people
are supposed to rule on law.Instead they make new law without congress. Unless it’s terror, mayhem,murder and rape
to get justice, even in case of felonious acts, kiss your hinder
goo bye. Back to the DMCA, I.P law and copyright infringements, A subject matter this writer has continuously
written about . It’s worse today , then when the trail was fresh
with the criminals identified , investigated with more then probable cause established. Now the prosecutorial agencies to whom  all this conclusive evidence was presented, claim ignorance of the law. Case in point. Take a district attorney in Wisconsin ( in the computer age) does not know how or is too lazy to check a simple statute of Wisconsin law. Imagine the Wisconsin office of the attorney General, claiming that he is not familiar with
the statute under which to prosecute copyright infringements?
That’s like Ripley’s believe it or not. This writer had to supply
the numbers of the statutes covering these crimes, to the
Attorney Generals office. ( in Wisconsin ?) But that’s not all
and here comes the frosting on the cake: Our wonderful governor Walker . presidential candidate, In response to the
above grievances, Governor Walkers office claims; The Governor in not responsible to uphold the laws of the state…
“Quote” His position is strictly political… ‘ Unquote”
Did they forget to read the Wisconsin Constitution?
Which would bear out the fact that all our fine leaders are politicians and they just don’t give a shit . Stand by for more
justice and injustice,..And maybe listen to Donald Trump……..
Cheers, Bill Rebane .

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