The piracy never ends

Ten years later and ten years of losses at the rate of , at minimum
20 grand per year x ten pictures, that’s a damn good reason to keep
tooting the horn on IP theft and video Piracy. Of course when the
country is going to hell with political correctness and corruption
why should any prosecuting office care about such a mundane
subject matter( felonies) as video piracy and or individual rights.
The Digital Millennium Copyright act ( DMCA) has done nothing
to stop the giants who not only allow ,but invite copyright violations.
The big players like Amazon, Yahoo, Hulu, U ube and dozen’s of other could
care less where and how they get their products from ,which they air
and sell on VOD. Who’s fault is it ? Back the do nothing, don’t give shit
congress. Of course, if congress can bail out of the Benghazi issue, why not everything else. Our representatives who we voted in are screwing
us royally, while collecting good paychecks. It’s not just on video
piracy, but on all issues that concern the public at large.
What this writer does not get , while we know washington desperately needs change What about state prosecutorial agencies.? They are just as bad.
Selective enforcement and passing the buck and do anything
to avoid serious work,  is the modus operandi for state agencies
as well. ( speaking of Wisconsin) Where the Governor is not
responsible for enforcement of state laws. ( according to some bimbo
at the governors office. That once again leaves this issue in limbo..
Bill Rebane

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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