The question is,,,,

The news from our capital is just getting more ridiculous every day. The
Question is: To satisfy the EPA why not use wood bullets instead of lead
Bullets? That’s impossible. Because that would inflame the tree huggers.
The question is; Where are the tree huggers when the State Highway departments
cut down thousands upon thousands of hundred feet tall pines which is called
” brushing” ? The question is; Why is the war monger Senator Mc Cain not
retired? When he knows damn well that all we are doing in Afghanistan is
Nation Building ?
The Question is: If homeowner shoots a  armed robber in self defense
who will be prosecuted? The armed robber ? Or the homeowner because he
shot the robber with a lead bullet? Which the EPA is attempting to outlaw.
The Question is; Why are there smoking bans now in public parks ? ( New York)
When there are no smoking bans on trucks and cars that cause the air to change color from clear to gray every morning in New York?
The Question is; If manufacturing plants in the US make a come back
and offer jobs at home, who is going to do the work?
The answer is; Sure as hell not the college kids or those collecting
unemployment. Nor the kids who have their I books and cellphones glued
to their ears.
Who is kidding who?
The Question is; Why is Washington D.C. the most drunken State in the
Country? Look who is running it.
The question is; Why is prostitution not legal? When it would take some
sexual predators off the street. Cut the divorce rate, create a bonanza
rubber market, and give evrry one a shot at sex , not only the politicians.
The question is: Why is everything turning into idiocy ?
The answer is simple; For every law and regulation we complain about
our representatives in Washington pass one thousand more bills for
more regulations. And ” we ” let it happen.
Why do we elect a president on the basis of personality and empty rhetoric
and not on experience and wisdom? Because we forgot what the word
Wisdom is. Back to school America. But what school?   The answer to all,  we really must be stupid….

Bill Rebane

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