ARTURO SPEAKS about the “System”

“THE SYSTEM”. Worse then Hitler and Stalin

Call it whatever you want. The Elite.. The New world
Order, The Power elite, The Davos group, or give it a name which we haven’t even Heard of. Suit yourself.
But whatever you perceive it to be the. the System ‘s agenda is to control and do away with people.
All around the world and every minute of the day.
It does not matter whether your on the right or the left . White, black ,brown, yellow or purple. It matters not what nationality. You are “ people” and therefore. You are under the control of the System.
The system plan is not too different then The holocaust. Hitlers extermination of jews or Stalin’s elimination of all non conformists to his regime.
The “system” is more powerful then all prior dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin, or the holy roman empire.
The “system” is in control of the most powerful weapons ever created on this earth to enable it to control the economies of all countries and all people on this earth .
That’s. you , me and every one living on this planet
The full power of the system did not come into being until the invention of the computer .The digital age or the so called digital revolution. Although the System in it’s early planning stages was born as early as the invention of the Telegraph . Followed by radio waves and television transmissions . Communicating information and thought trough electronic means to the masses .

The digital revolution provided the System with all the power and tools needed to carry out their grand plan of people control and the elimination of people. But unlike it’s predecessors Hitler and Stalin The system found better methods and means to do away with people. But just as cruel if not more so . Less suspecting then their. ancient role models. 9/11 was a beginning.
First scare the masses .Then, tell them what’s good for them and take control with laws and regulations which
become more strangling and constricting by the day.
To be continued:…………………

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