The Wingnut Party

By Arturo Smith
The new political party that cares by doing away with common sense and logic.
While I would not join this party personally I highly recommend this new political
philosophy to all Americans who just don’t give a damn. Rumor has it that the
Wing nut party will include a drastic change in American education by abolishing the Departments of Education and putting Hollywood in charge of it all. After all who and what can make a bigger impact on the human population of this planet then Hollywood ? Who can sell sex. blood , guts and drugs better then La la land.
As long as Congress continues not to care about anything or any body,  imagine the opportunties under the Wing Nut
Party’s philosophy. Everything is free and green.
Overheard at a Washington eatery and drinking establishment; Representative
Shiff will be Chairman of the Wing nuts. Pelosi will be in Charge of Liquor and cannibas control . Chuck Schumer is to head up the immigration and border control alliance.
For every illegal immigrant allowed to stay in the. U.S, One American can enter any South American country without a passport or visa and get one acre of free land with ocean or mountain view. All laws and regulations as they stand today will be abolished and a new wing nut congress created to serve all beings. The word
“people”  is politically incorrect as are the words male and female. All “beings” can live free and do as they please.

In all the Wingnut Party promises to be the future of America to make America Great Again as it was in 16th.century.
Stay tuned for more Wing Nut News. Pure idiocy at large…………..

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