” Ticker Tape 9/26/11 ” Conspiracy theory?

The bottom is falling out of Gold and Silver as we speak. It is becoming difficult
not to believe , could this all not be on purpose? There is the old saying
Those who got the gold ; “Control he world. ” That would imply that
those with huge gold and cash reserves can buy and sell at will, can control
the market . Does it not? Or am I missing something here ?
Also overheard , media mentioning without making a big issue out of it
the fact that there are so many security cameras watching new yorkers
that one can not go anywhere without being seen.
Conspiracy theory? Sure ,… that ‘s a good way to explain everything away.
Multiply this by every big city in America and give it some thought.
Is it for the detection of terror plots or just plain people control?. Science fiction
is not science fiction anymore when when you have camera watching every move
we make and they are coming to your apartment very soon…… And the word
is ; Watch the masses,…. keep them poor and dependent on Government.
” They” who ever ” they” are , are already mandating what light bulbs we must
use. What subjects are essential for our kids text books , what is “politically
correct an not to mention that “they” trying their very best to take god out of
our lives. What next?
Comments please,…….

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