To the Congress of the United States of America

Re: Senate Bill 968 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of l998.
Once Again Congress can not get it’s act together. For good and valid reasons.
The IP Act Sentate Bill 968 also known as PIPA was defeated because it went
too far by attempting to curb the internet information flow and attempting to impose devastating regulations , adding to already enough government regulations.
In the meantime it turns out that the Digital Millennium Copyright act has turned out to be  a practically useless tool in providing IP and copyright protection. The one underlying reason for the Senate Bill 968 was to be to protect copyright owners from copyright abuse and theft. Which meant free downloads and streaming of protected works , copying and transmitting unlicensed material. But that was
not good enough , now creating a new quagmire of legal complications of
epic proportions , as practically no protection can be expected for copyright
owners for the prior Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was ” supposed ”
to do just that.
The proof is in the pudding so to say; In major legal maneuvers by
Viacom and most major entertainment companies Paramount , CMT and
dozen others against U tube involving some 40 of the best IP and copyright
lawyers in the country the court cited for U tube and freed service providers
( as they are called) from liability. I.e. Google and the rest of them leaving
the copyright owners holding the bag . Because the DMCA actually shields
the so called service providers from liability of any kind while actually committing
a felony under other copyright laws , including the Criminal Copyright Act of
l992. Who is at fault here; The court? Or Congress, for writing idiotic
inadequate law?
Now to address the wonderful warning slates that  we see on all entertainment
ware known as;  The FBI warning. Prohibiting the copying or use of any part of the
entertainment offered. Another completely bogus measure of protection.
The FBI being very busy in protecting us , vested some of it’s powers in the
Motion Picture Producers Association of America. A organization to serve the
elite of Hollywood. Once a member of such, the MPAA is now a huge bureaucracy serving Hollywood’s major studios with a huge staff that could care less about independent producers and or other copyright owners.
Either, Congress will have go back to the drawing board or prosecutorial
agencies on all levels need to get an eduction and enforce laws already on the
books. SECTION 1 -CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT section 2319 (b)of title l8 United States Code as amended.
Copying,duplicating in any form of a protected work is a felony
BIll Rebane

Professional consultant and researcher

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