TRUMP at DAVOS meeting.

Davos is the place where the elite and globalists of he world meet to do more then just talk business . It has been said that Davos is where the rules for the world are made. It’s the closest if not real thing of what commonly is referred to as the New World Order. Whenever the word ” They” is used  “They”  the Davos group is it.  I.e. “They” make the rules.  “They”  are the one’s that call the  shots etc.  Thats who people refer to when a better name can not be attached to the unknown power source that controls what happens to the world and it’s people. Be assured the power players who meet at Davos don’t just meet to discuss the economy. It has become common knowledge that big money interests  control everything that happens to the world and it’speople. “They” the Davos group make the policies of who runs what country and how. To them Trump is an enigma. Surely  he was not picked by them or nurtured by them . But because  he is president of the United States his inclusion was tolerated but that is all. The Davos group could well be the one that wanted and groomed Obama . But they did not expect Donald Trump, They could control Obama or Hillary  ( with money and power,  but sure as hell not a maverick like Trump . Imagine one thousand jets and the gathering of this elite group controlling all the money in the world? And what they talk about and the decision they make?  Of how we all live .  We all know who wields the power over the  people on this relatively small planet ; Big money. And that’s Davos. One could feel  little impact President Trump made with his speech with  on the Davos group. ( if any) The real Davos meeting purpose and decision making process,  you can bet , will be withheld from the public at large on a global basis. All this; According to Arturo.

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