Usama Bin Laden Dead?

Wow. Sounds good. Superman has done it again. First we were promised
change, but no one told us change to what. Now he will emerge as the
super hero bringing us justice. His speech sounded like he did it all
on his own. First, it was we did this and we did that. Then it was
I did it all and I finally gave the order…. Somebody give me a break here.
I am a show me guy…. While wanting to believe, I got my head out of the
sand during world war 2 facing the realities of war and suffering. Sorry it will take more then words to convince me of Usama Bin Ladins death.

OK  Donald here is another cause you can pursue …
First it was a missing birth certificate. Now it will be; Where is the body?
It is most difficult not to suspect a scam, in view of the economy
inflation. debts, spending. the deficit and the 2012 race for the presidency. What better way to get the attention of the American people
and distract the hell out of them… OK Donald , you got another cause of action here. What’s next?

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