This is a good one. For three years fans , followers and friends have called this writers attention to an Amazon offering of the movie ; Demons of Ludlow. Amazon is a good selling source for nearly everything one wishes to buy. They are indeed a major ISP’s (internet service provider) The Digital MIllenium Copyright Act serves them well. They are not responsible for copyright infringements. Thanks to our congress. The movie in question was and is being sold now for over four years under the label of Mutant Sorority Pictures. But there is no distributor by that name anywhere to be found. Finally this writer ordered a copy of Demons of Ludlow from  Amazon ( paying for my own picture) and the money goes to the pirates. Never the less the packaging reveals the criminals name. Fisher-Klingenstein venture LLC. Located in Brooklyn NY. Owners. Danny Fisher and Alan Klingenstein. URL www/ Losses to the injured party , the copyright holder who knows ? Worst yet the owner of the pirate company is a lawyer. and has a long track record of producing and distributing of motion pictures. Now how would he feel?  and  what would he do if someone pirated on of his copyrighted works ? That’s hutzpah…..

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  1. Christopher P. Sautner

    Hi Bill, Chris Sautner here. I was 18 years old when called upon by my Uncle Mike Graves to come and assist on your film “The Alpha Incident”. Have to say, it was an experience of a lifetime for me — have to thank you and Barb and your fantastic family and cast of characters for all of that. As you probably know Mike passed a few years ago. He was quite the character himself as you will recall. Hope and pray all is well with you and family. Looked for your old studio/home near Gleason a couple of years ago but couldn’t find it. Your son was a pleasure to work with. Also remember Ute and you had a little girl at the time. Wow, I got to meet Ralph Meeker, John F. Gott, George Buck Flowers, Carol Irene Newell but mostly I got to meet the star of the whole show you Mr. Rebane — it was a great time to be 18 and a great time to be sharing in your movie venture — thanks again. Chris Sautner

    • Hello Chris it’s nice to hear from you . I it is very sad to hear about Mike. I had no idea that he passed away.
      I would love to talk to you and hear more. I have wondered often of what ever happened to Mike ? That time frame
      during the Alpha production was a pretty hectic and busy time. Would be nice to talk. Here is my e mail and Phone
      hopefully we could chat. Ph; 715-893-2254 . Great to hear from you
      All the best wishes to you and a happy new year.

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