By Bill Rebane. ( Piracy fact special )
Much has been written about video piracy and intellectual property theft. And about $64 to $100 Billion dollar in losses to the motion picture industry annually . It’s like the narcotics business if not more profitable. And represents huge tax losses to the government. They don’t care or maybe they are paid off for allowing it to flourish. In either cases it is uncontrollable and the crooks are laughing all the way to the bank. While congress sleeps and does nothing.

In 1997 Congress created the Digital Millenium Copyright Act  ( DMCA) to curb IP theft and video piracy was past. Which in fact shields and keep harmless the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) like Google/ U tube/ Facebook and Amazon from any liability for criminal airings of copyrighted and protected content . If and when a content creator and rightful owner of a protected work  discovers and locates the criminal. There is no prosecutorial or law enforcement agency that knowns what to do? Or,  will enforce the laws covering these crimes. The criminals are open to pursue their trade and even laugh at copyright holders knowing full well enforcement of laws is  is nearly impossible. Civil means  then become the only remedy . What writer or producer can afford the price lawyers ?When in fact he criminal justice system should be doing it’s job. Good luck  unless the swamp is drained

To be continued…..

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