BY Bill Rebane ( Piracy facts # 2)
Non enforcement. selective enforcement, sheer ignorance of the laws or gross negligence by prosecutorial agencies and law enforcement  makes the bootlegger criminals bolder as they continue to practice   their cash cow criminal trade. IP theft and piracy. Thanks to one isolated law enforcement agency in connecticut, the kings of video piracy may have to face the music soon for their blatant criminal acts that began in 2004  and continue to this day. Specifically Film Chest Inc NYC . And Synergy Entertainment Inc. Of Rockport Ma. After 15 years of research and investigations the principles of these two organizations ( Ralp Stevens and Phillip Hopkins) have been marked as bootleggers and finally may have to come up with some serious answers  and restitution.  Plus federal fines.  As the Department of Justice after many years of seeking assistance , has taken notice of the issues of this writer and is referring the matters to the FBI for action. Only continuos follow up , investigative efforts and pressure brought on by injured parties on law enforcement agencies will accomplish the curbing of these ongoing rip offs of creative works by writers,producers directors and film makers as a whole.
Next … More pirates caught.

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