Video Pirate King . Phil Hopkins

Well it seems that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of l996 does not and will
not prevent intellectual property rights theft and video piracy. One of the
biggest piracy operations already under investigation by state law enforcement agencies and proven to be committing criminal acts is
still operating and waiting for the long arm of the law to put them
behind bars. Producers and owners of motion picture rights should note the
names mentioned prior in this journal. Namely Phillip Hopkins, Synergy
entertainment Inc. and   partner Ralph Stevens , both using the Film Chest
Media Group banner as their distribution outlet. Phillip Hopkins is the
conduit for film chests piracy activities. The best talking con artist and
low life this writer ever had the displeasure of meeting.
Only recently a phone call was received from a rights holder of a motion
picture who was contacted by Philip Hopkins and promised some great deeds
of selling the producers picture to Turner Classic Movies. While the producer
turned the deal down flat. Hopkins had already licensed the unlicensed title
to Turner according to the producer. But low and behold it back fired when Turner wanted proof of ownership.Then supposedly sued Hopkins and Film Chest who in turn sued the producer for not agreeing to this
botched deal. The fires were further fueled when Phillip Hopkins had the
nerve to call this writer ( and victim of his crime) and begged to be a friend
and to forget all criminal activities as they don’t mean much in view of
todays political situation. And what might that be? This writer inquired.
Well you know Hopkins said: Nothing to do with law means anything today
look at washington,.. This country has bigger problems then me.
How is that for the ultimate in hutzbah?   No  worry Phil Hopkins .  While slow

the law will catch up with you…

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