Vlademir and Barack

At the G 8 conference in Mexico. If the microphones would have been left open.
Barack:  Vlademir,what are we going to do about Syria .?
Vlademir: What do you mean we?
Barack; Listen Vlademir, I need some help right now . At least we have to look
like we ‘re getting something accomplished.
Vlademir” Speak for yourself. I am in solid.
Barack: Listen Vlademir , why don’t we just make a deal.
Vlademir: A Deal? what do you have in mind?
Barack: Like I said before, let me get this election over with
and I’ve got a hell of plan.
Vlademir: So far you plan failed. What’s this one?
Barack: Give me a second chance. This plan can not fail.
Vlademir: This I’ve got to hear.
Barack: Trust me. With another term we can’t fail.
You’ve got Russia and I’ll have America
Vlademir: I know what I got. But don’t know what you have.
You don’t know how to take control.
Barack: That’s why we;ve got a to make a deal. I need your help.
Vlademir: You need help alright. But why should I help you?
Barack: Because in another four years we can go communism together.
Just think of the power we would have. We could do anything.
Vlademir: You’re an idiot.
Barack; The United States is the most powerful country in the world.
Valdemir: Used to be .
Barack: Please Vlademir, What the hell am I am going to tell my people
about our meeting here?
Vlademir: What ever they put on your telepromter.

Lucky for Barack the microphones were shut off. His press conference
that followed consequently was nothing more then babble without
substance. Vlademir is smiling while Barack is going back to Washington
to sign some more executive orders…..

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