That has to refer to Washington of course. And like our
enemies are not watching this Circus ? Can not comment on
he democratic debate because I fell asleep. ( how lucky could
I get) From the bits I did get, the question is where in the
hell will all the money be coming from for a; ” Everything is Free in America ? And ongoing spending for social programs ?. The left just does not get it. Who in hell provides the jobs in this country? The ones that have built the industries in America.Of course they are rich. They worked for it and are paying the biggest chunk of the taxes. Only to be burdened by more regulations and special interest idiocy. And then there is Hillary and Bill
and of course Bernie who all have deep deep pockets but the idols of he left for more spending.
And then there is Trump, the only one who tells it like it is.
While the mid east is going up in flames the left is more
concerned about the environment and building up the
unions , while sending a signal to Putin; Don’t worry about us. Our president has a phone and has a pen. We are not
fighters,… We are now lovers of socialism ,.. And,… Maybe
we’ll throw a little communism into the mix.
Be assured Putin is not worried about the good old USA
anymore. Yet alone Obama.
At this point in time I don’t know what the hell I am anymore? Except a American. And I don’t like what I see but know with what is going on, it can
not continue if America is going to survive. .
Stay tuned for more comments on our times…….

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