An observation.
THat’s were Trump stands apart from the swamp
people and left wing nuts. What’s there to plan for this
historic meeting with Kim Jong Un? Absolutely nothing.
Body language ,Sensitivity, instant calculations. fine feelings and gut reactions are the only considerations  here for President Trump.. It will be intriguing to watch. Who’s hand will be extender first ? Facial expressions will tell all. For the meeting with the president of Singapore Kim Jong Un actually had a faint smile on this face as he had earlier when meeting with South Korean leaders. Will that smile be there for Trump?And then how will Trump analyze it and react?
Hours before this truly historic and monumentally
important meeting we will not know the answer to these questions until the cameras covering the event bring
us the close ups and all the right angles to determine
who’s right. Pelosi , Schumer or president Trump.
This writer bets on Trump any day.

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  1. I love your work!

  2. Trump has got to be getting close to a tipping point, especially now. But the fact that so many of my rural neighbors (otherwise intelligent people) see nothing wrong with him disheartens me about the human race in general. (I’m about 100 miles south of you and my township just voted 75-25 GOP in the recent primaries.).

    • Thanks for your comment. Still see Trump as a red /white & blue American with America first on his mind. Sure he’s got his faults and can be quirky. Sure as hell won’t take any crap from Russia or China. We live in a dangerous over populated world nothing is easy.. just getting worse by the day…

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