What’s this about MOOCHEE’Z ?

Moochee’z must be something new and special for the state of Wisconsin. At least so it seems.
Dozen’s of travelers to northern Wisconsin have been asking store owners , if hey have any Moochee’z ?  Since however no body has them,  they must be pretty rare. What do they look like ?  Nobody knows .With the exception of twocollege kids from Madison who claim they ar very special kinds of Aliens. I am into aliens ,so I kept  firing away for answers.

Well now,  the story goes back to the l940’s about the time of the Roswell ufo crash.  Something similar happened in Wisconsin in the Appleton area around that same time. Except it was not a crash.  Rather it was short visitation to a cow pasture.   The visitors if you can believe this ? Took an interest in the dairy cows which  resulted in an abduction.  A few months later the farmer noticed that there was a new addition to his dairy heard. An abnormal calf .  It is claimed that the critter walked upright on two legs and the eye’s good heaven,  were oval , instead of round.
Neighbors came quickly to witness this phenomenon . One lady blurted out: “Moochee”.  ” This is some miracle.” It was  indeed as the story goes.   Over half  a century later people are still asking and looking  for Moochee’z  

 Should any one see a cow walking on two legs  please do not call the NSA or your local sheriff   Call your congressman or this writer first .

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