Where did the money go?

Where did $250 mIllion Dollars Go ?
That’s the calculated gross income generated by pirates, Infringers and crooks from The all time Cult classic movie “ The Giant. Spider Invasion”since it’s release in 1975, Making it the largest grossing Independent film inmotion picture history. While legitimate distribution brought in over $ 100 million dollars in domestic Global sales ,From theatrical showings, Television , VHS and DVD sales. the digital revolution of the Internet spiraled income to un authorized sellers and infringers to far over the estimated figures of some $ 150 dollars million or more. While not even miniscule percentages of these dollars have found their way to the creator or producing entity of the film . Instead the unauthorize use of a various versions, campaigns and in variety of languages, the film is still being circulated widely world wide illegally. If a physical digintal copy of the original The Giant Spider Invasion ,does not bear the the “TCP” (Transcontinental pictures) approval mark, it is illegal.

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