Who’s kidding who?

No matter what side of the isle our representatives and so called fearless leaders
are on, they are and will continue to choke us with more regulations, laws, rules
licenses, fees and more fees . And then under the guise of serving us, they
bitch about entitlements.  Well, get rid of them and take all the regulations , rules, laws
and fees with it. Keeping in mind however, that most all our representatives are lawyers. Anyone believing that lawyers are going to cut back on
regulations and laws can not be from this planet. Entitlements form dependencies.
And that is exactly were ” They ” our elected representatives want the masses.
Dependent on government. Give people bread and they will vote for you. Give
people money and they are indebted to you. But don’t give people freedom.
You don’t know what they are going to do. So much like Adolph’s and Stalin’s philosophy. Keep the lid on.
At this point in time even terrorism works well for control purposes. It scares
the living daylights out of us. Those who listen to the media storm of anti American rioting take notice and think. The younger generation has not a clue
who’s on first? and what’s on second? While government as a whole just rolls on
fighting, lying, campaigning and spending ( like there is no shortage of anything)
A precious scenario of idiocy and no common sense or logic.
Who’s is kidding who?

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