I Was the first to call Monster a Go Go, the worst picture
ever made. Even though I created it. The history and
how it all came about, has been told and is well known
by now. What is amazing and un believable to me is the
continuing attention and exposure ” Monster a go go” gets on the global inter net.  Just the other day on U tube one
presentation with a dialogue wrap around by some film
guru received over 250.000 hits. Please somebody
let me know what gives.? What’s the magic?
In the meantime some friends have paid attention to the
Monster a go go hype and are urging to make a
sequel.So be prepared for the ultimate zany bad
movie experience. Except this time around it will have to be super bad and over the top on purpose. Or maybe
it should be a real movie whopper. Any suggestions?
If there’s sequel for sure it will be politically totally
in correct.
cheers …….

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