Facts from Estonia

APRIL BLOG: Coronavirus in Estonia By Estonian World on Apr 15, 2020 09:53 pm APRIL BLOG: Coronavirus in Estonia As the coronavirus hits Estonia and the Estonian government has declared an emergency situation and, as of 17 March, closed its borders, Estonian World informs you on the latest developments in … Continue reading


ARTURO SPEAKS about the “System” “THE SYSTEM”. Worse then Hitler and Stalin Call it whatever you want. The Elite.. The New world Order, The Power elite, The Davos group, or give it a name which we haven’t even Heard of. Suit yourself. But whatever you perceive it to be the. … Continue reading


GHOSTLY OBSESSIONS Coming soon before the holiday season . A paranormal drama and psychological thriller from cult classed producer director Bill Rebane. Ghostly Obsessionss, starring ; Jessica windance Medock . Based on a true story . Screenlpay by novelist James Gordon White and Bill Rebane. Ghostly Obsessions is a s … Continue reading